It’s Sebastians 2nd birthday today, and I know it may seem a little weird to celebrate a kitties birthday but he is literally the only thing I have ever loved more than myself. I know that seems a little self centered but I’m completely willing to admit that i am pretty self absorbed. I would run into a burning building to find him and I’m so fucking happy he’s mine. A lot of you have told me that the only reason you follow me is because you’ve seen photos of him all around Tumblr and you it’s impossible not to adore him. About a week after i got him (he was 6 weeks) he fell really sick, he was limping and had a fever. Turns out he had an infection from being fixed so young and ear mites and a sprained paw. I was so worried I was going to lose him even though I had just gotten him, but now he’s strong and healthy (and huge, the size of a medium dog) and grows cuter every single day.


that sounds like something patrick stump would say

God bless the Simpsons


I present you mr. Jason Aalon Butler frontman of Letlive.

this is why i love jason omfg

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